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1 "I AM INVINCIBLE!" - Boris
2 "You have a License to Kill, not to break traffic laws." - Q
3 "Enjoy it while it lasts." - Xenia
4 "No, no, no. No more foreplay." - Bond
5 "Beg your pardon, forgot to knock." - Bond
6 "For England James?" - Alec // "No. For me." - Bond
7 "Why don't you be a good boy and die?" - Alec // "You first. Xenia second." - Bond
8 "Half of everything is luck." - 006 // "And the other half?" - 007 // "Fate." - 006
9 "Do you expect me to talk?" - Bond // "No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!" - Goldfinger
10 "6 bullets to your one?" - Bond // "I only need one." - Scaramanga
11 "Oh, Stop it both of you! Stop it! You're like boys with toys! " - Natalya
12 "Two targets - time enough for one shot: the girl or the mission?" - Alec
13 "Come out with your hands above your head." - Ouromov
14 "I think you're a sexist, misogynist dinosaur. A relic of the Cold War." - M
15 "Use the bumper! That's what it's for!" - Ouromov
16 "Don't touch that, that's my lunch!" - Q
17 "Martini. Shaken, not stirred" - Bond
18 "You can't win" - Ourumov
19 "Now! I know you!" - J.W. Pepper // "Oh no..." - Bond
21 "If B@d was a girl, I'd seriously consider marriage." - WNxSauron
22 "If you have an issue, get a tissue..." - WNxLithiumLT
23 "Guns for show, knifes for a pro :/" - WNxUnknownPain
24 "I love men"- WNxCatface // "So you love me?" - WNxBadPlayer // "Yup" - WNxCatface
25 "Bad, you are a genious at those things." - WNxBigBird
26 "If GES were a professional sport, would Alizée music be considered an illegal substance?" - WNxVirtualMark
27 "How long till CJL finishes his beer and gets on xfire? :P" - WNxPPK // "beer? years!!" - WNxBadPlayer
28 "Kraid is 100% awesome, and your name matches 4 of his 5 letters, so you're 80% awesome" - WNxKobayashi
29 "BigBird + Armor Whore = BigWhore?" - WNxVirtualMark
30 "BigBird is a Nazi because he just committed genocide"
31 "Lithium... Dude, you're used in lube. OWNED." - CynicalPloy
32 "Goldeneye intensive care unit: 3 hours in a row playing against BigBird" - WNxRaynor2B
33 "BigBird + BadPlayer = BigPlayer + BadBird" - WNxRicky
34 "OMG Wesker did the moonwalk" - WNx Kalashnikov
35 "Life is like a bag of cr@p, warm." - Hans Von Gröbel + CJ
36 "Lets make <3" - WNxSkipper
37 "Your brother sucks so bad at GES, he got 'none' as favorite weapon" - WNxNozzy
38 "Hopefully the only HD you'll request in the future is 1080p." - WNxFirehazard
39 "Is that a Rocket Launcher in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" - WNxKobayashi
40 "Grenade Launchers lead to spawn kills. Spawn kills lead to anger. Anger leads to rage quit." - WNxKobayashi
41 "What makes you so special? I have a cool hat!" - WNxKobayashi
42 "Trevelyan's knife animation looks so un-intimidating... it's like he's buttering toast." - WNxNozzy
43 "I'm gonna bust out some Pokemon. LeafGreen version seems intersting." - WNxNozzy
44 "I'm mostly using Cinema4D" - Kraid // "4D? What's the fourth dimension?" - bad // "The Fun" - Kraid
45 "So Goliath's weakness was his graphics card? Time to update the Bible." - WNxKobayashi
46 "Ken Lobb must have done something really, really bad" - WNxRaynor2B
47 "Whatever dad, I'm buff and you're just jealous." - LT // "You're buff alright... Buffalo." - LT's Dad
48 "Oh god, BigBird playing is like a 40 year old rapist going to an elementary school." - Killer Monkey
49 "'new' and 'good' never fit in the same sentence" - WNxBloodRaven
50 "Had more fun with food poising tbh" - WNxCJL9788
51 "Angry German rams" - WNxRamz
52 "Whatever the reasons, nothing justifies a 0-30" - WNxSauron
53 "woo0o0oo0o0ooo0o0o00oo" - WNxKFFFSSSSSCCSCCH
54 "I had 2 options: suicide, or eat chocolate to boost my morale" - Bad // "You already done suicide ingame" - UP
55 "Accusing BigBird of cheating is like accusing the pope of being protestant" - WNxVirtualMark
56 "I'm the Alizee of the GES community." - WNxBigBird
57 "BigBird, you should share that Golden Gun" // "I'm not a communist" - WNxBigBird
58 "Give Goldeneye Source a try. It can be really fun if you know how to play it." - WNxBigBird
59 "I found a potion of Birds essence and drank it!" - WNxExcidium
61 "Veni, Vedi, Vici" // "C'est de la chance aussi" - Alizée
62 "Youpidoo" - Alizée
63 "Hey Amigo!" - Alizée
64 "Nuh-uh to your uh-huh" - Stan Smith
65 "Operator, give me the number for 911!" - Homer Simpson
66 "I'm normally not a praying man, but if you are up there, please save me Superman." - Homer Simpson
67 "I've got an idea so smart that my head would explode if I knew what I'm talking about." - Peter Griffin
68 "It's always funny until someone gets hurt. Then it's just hilarious." - Bill Hicks
69 "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man." - The Dude
70 "Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the war room!" - President Merkin Muffley
71 "Arrividerchi." - Lt. Aldo Raine
72 "I'm like Superman and the people who work here are like the citizens of Gotham City." - Michael Scott
73 "I am an adult. I don't have to think... or... do anything!" - Michael Scott
74 "A guy at work bought a car out of the paper. Ten years later, Bam! Herpes." - Peter Griffin
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"Give Goldeneye Source a try. It can be really fun if you know how to play it." - WNxBigBird

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