Player Awards History

Date Last Earned sort-descending.gif Name Description Kills on Day
2019-07-05 Shortest Innings Shortest Innings Awards Won 10
2019-07-05 Most Professional Most Professional Awards Won 2
2019-07-05 Most Honorable Most Honorable Awards Won 1
2019-07-05 Most Deadly Most Deadly Awards Won 1
2019-07-05 Marksmanship Marksmanship Awards Won 3
2019-07-05 Longest Innings Longest Innings Awards Won 1
2019-07-05 Bond, James Bond kills 3
2019-05-28 Mostly Harmless Mostly Harmless Awards Won 9
2019-01-18 Most Frantic Most Frantic Awards Won 2
2019-01-18 AC-10 Award Most Deadly Awards Won 3
2018-11-04 Where's The Ammo Where's The Ammo Awards Won 3
2018-11-04 Most Dishonorable Most Dishonorable Awards Won 1
2018-08-13 Achievement Hunter Achievements Won 1

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